A story like nothing ELSe

In a world where globalisation is the norm, we have resisted. We have remained Australian for good reason.

Australia is where we draw our design inspiration from. The colours, shapes, seasons and the diverse landscapes. Is there anywhere else on earth with such a brilliant palette?

Australia is why we are passionate about manufacturing here. Not just to create jobs. Not just to fulfil orders faster or customise products more efficiently, but so that we can be very specific about ensuring the raw materials used to make our luminaires comply or exceed industry sustainability standards. We also manufacture here so we have complete control to ensure the actual product we deliver will be made to a level of quality compliance and product performance that Australian conditions demand.

And on those occasions that we go to the world, we go to learn and improve. And if we see a brand or product that will compliment our offering, we bring it home. Our Ligman Outdoor Lighting Range is a perfect example.

It’s been an amazing 30 years and the next 30 will be like nothing ELSe.