Flute Range

Beautiful illumination like nothing ELSe. Image of the newest member to the Flute Range, the Flute Recessed

Introducing the newest member to the Flute Range, the Flute Recessed. 

Designed to offer a more opulent approach to traditional recessed downlights. The Flute recessed provides soft general illumination. This is in line with lower output versions of traditional downlights, while also providing improved verticals and additional indirect illumination onto the ceiling.

Flute Recessed and Flute Wall from the Flute Range
Image of the Flute Pendant and Flute Pendant Vertical, of the Flute Range

Utilising the same high quality German manufactured fluted glass as seen in the rest of the Flute range, the Flute recessed pairs perfectly with both the Flute wall mounted and Flute pendant. The range aims to provide a holistic approach to a layered illumination design. An alternative opal polycarbonate version of the luminaire can be used for areas susceptible to breakages.

Available as DALI and Casambi dimming in 2700K, 3000K, and 4000K 95+ CRI. These luminaires not only deliver over 96lm/w, they also carry a 7 year warranty. The Flute Recessed is not just a decorative luminaire but a luminaire designed to perform and last the test of time.

Lovely board room illuminated by the Flute Pendant 3x
Beautiful use of the Flute Pendant Vertical in a lobby
Practical use of the Flute Pendant in a shared space

Designed and made in Australia like nothing ELSe.