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Ligman innovations in outdoor lighting

At LIGMAN, exterior designs are born out of their passion to provide perfect lighting solutions for people. Not just to illuminate the environment in which they live, but created especially with them in mind; going beyond the typical matrices and making genuine differences to enhance lives. MALTA: a versatile and functional solution for various exterior and interior project requirements; Illuminated beacon tips to make a bold, dramatic statement; ODESSA and LADOR for new fixed base projector ranges, and new vertical Solar Poles for a clean and efficient method of integrating solar photovoltaic technology onto column lighting systems.

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New Product: Malta

MALTA offers specifiers a versatile, functional solution for various project requirements. The illuminated handrail system is perfect for any interior or exterior application with a wide range of colour temperatures and various standard and custom finishes. Manufactured with either interchangeable stainless steel grade 316 or extruded aluminium body which is pre-treated before powder coating ensuring high corrosion resistance. MALTA can also be finished with a coating from Ligman’s Special Textured Finishes range to perfectly complement or contrast with the surrounding architecture. Manufactured to a customer’s specifications, MALTA handrail solutions are designed according to tailored layout drawings, elevations and project brief’s; offering an end-to-end solution from concept through to implementation.

New Fixed Base Projectors

The well favoured and loved LADOR and ODESSA Range are now available with a fixed-base solution. The square and round surface architectural fixed-base projector range is perfect for projects that require a sleek in-ground exterior light where all cables are hidden. Used to illuminate outdoor playing fields while with low-light conditions, theatres or stages where stage lighting is used to add mood to the environment; the Ligman Lador and Odessa is the perfect exterior lighting solution. Four sizes of square artistic precision with a wide range of beam distributions.

New Accessory: Illuminated Beacon Tip

LIGMAN now offer an illuminated beacon tip accessory for their tapered pole range. Available in a wide range of colour options they can be used to add a subtle touch to your design, or to make a bold, dramatic statement. The PMMA lens is available in a clear or frosted finish. Standard 3000K and 4000K is available as well as red, green and blue single colour LED and RGBW (RGBW30, RGBW40). LIGMAN also supply a wide range of controls for the RGBW versions.

New Vertical Solar PV Poles

Seamless, vertical integration is a clean efficient method to integrate solar technology into column lighting systems. Using this method, large flat solar panels are no longer required to be fixed on top of the lighting column or pole, but alternatively become part of the pole itself with the lithium iron batteries integrated directly into the base of the pole for a discreet finish.

The range offers a fully custom approach to solar illumination with occupancy sensing and dimming controls enabling a huge selection of solutions depending on individual site requirements including up to 4 days autonomy in certain versions.

Vertical integration is more wind-resistant, reducing wind loads and minimising the need for more expensive pole foundations. It also provides a reduced maintenance burden with dirt build up on the photovoltaic surfaces requiring both less frequent and easier cleaning. The vertical wrap around panels receive light more evenly and efficiently fro the sun and sky during the course of daylight hours, even in darker climates and seasons.

This new product range is perfect fr street, public area and council projects that are in high wind areas or where large solar panels are not preferable for aesthetic reasons.