Lightcare: The second best light on earth

Innovation in Light

Lightcare is Denmark´s leading knowledge-based innovation company specializing in unique light concepts for health care and industry.

Lightcare combines research, technology and know-how to help biology adapt while evolution is underway. They believe in the future all light will be dynamic and have developed their solutions around 3 core areas.

Lightcare are inspired by the effects the sun and the darkness can have on people’s health. They know that a combination of LED lighting technology and researcher validated light waves can boost and block our hormone production of stress-, happiness-, sleep hormones cortisol, serotonin and melatonin.

The Overriding Purpose of the Concept is Care

Efficient Lighting Systems is excited to announce we have entered into an exclusive agreement with Lightcare Denmark.

Lightcare are Denmark’s leading knowledge based innovation company specialising in completely custom and tailored fully dynamic circadian lighting solutions for healthcare, hospitals and aged care facilities.

Known for their innovative design solutions with the highest level of quality, supported by user friendly hardware and software, Lightcare are backed by immense knowledge of the healthcare sector and circadian lighting with a wide assortment of projects and case studies from around Europe.

 “We are extremely excited by this partnership. Lightcare’s ideals are very similar to ours, they are extremely technical and pride themselves on their wealth of knowledge and technical capabilities within their field. We believe the time has come where inferior lighting solutions based solely on achieving the lowest price need to stop being installed in all of our institutions, not just hospitals and aged care facilities. True high quality lighting solutions can offer immense positive outcomes not only for students, patients and residents but also for the doctors, nurses, teachers and staff that work in these facilities” – Kate Alexander, Director

We look forward to sharing more detailed information shortly about the solutions Lightcare can offer.

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Fully Dynamic Circadian Lighting

Research has shown that full dynamic circadian lighting can boost and block our production of hormones and reset our circadian rhythm. We know that the correct dose of light creates better working conditions, increases productivity, reduces sick leave, works against Seasonal Affective Disorder, reduces the need for multiple types of medication, and results in energy savings.

“Everything we do is inspired by the importance of sunlight to humans and is based on a long a unique co-operation between our customers and users as well as leading scientists with an area of specialisation in circadian and sleep problems.” – Lightcare


Individually Optimising all Working Environments through Ergonomic Light

In todays’ world, given the exponential amount of information researchers have accumulated regarding design within healthcare settings, it is surprising that so little consideration is given to the role of light. Currently, designers show growing willingness to use the research on lighting and lighting design to its full potential, but even with minimal exposure to this knowledge, designers can implement these important features and benefits into their projects.

“I experience better visual conditions during laporascopy and the greenlight is calming and reduces fatigue. This room has by far the best work environment” – Henrik Vad, Surgeon and Consultant AUH

When selecting lighting for an operating room in a hospital, an understanding of ergonomic lighting is a crucial consideration especially for operating room attendees and the working environment. Superior ergonomic lighting conditions will increase motivation and allow surgical personnel to safely and sufficiently complete a wide range of surgical proceeders to the highest of capacity.


Enhancing Specialist Areas through Sensory Light and Stretch Ceilings

Sensory adjusted environments have been advocated on the basis of their perceived ability to reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure, improve postoperative outcomes, reduce the need for pain medication, and shorten the hospital stay. Sensory lighting is also crucial in allowing certain medical personnel to perform specific medical procedures such as CT and Magnetic Response Imaging scans.

“Work in the X-ray department is focused on making as good studies and images as possible, to help the individual patient. We invest millions on scanners and X-ray rooms, but have not had the same degree of focus on the working light we use” – Peter Bech Madsen, Senior Radiographer at the Regional hospital Silkeborg

Therapy lights makes the serotonin, ‘happiness hormone’, levels rise. In fact, the light makes special type of cells in the eye report to the brain that it should produce more serotonin. Serotonin is of great importance to a large number of physiological functions in both the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system; eg sleep, mood, memory and libido. In addition, serotonin plays a role in psychiatric disorders such as anxiety and depression.

Imagine your rooms “without” ceiling, but like a dynamic sky that changes between your favorite colors, intensity, or favorite motif

Medical offices, waiting rooms and medical clinics can be a daunting experience for many. An increase in high-rise urban architecture has seen a trend in modernised medical clinics with less sunlight and lower ceiling heights. Often leaving visitors to feel anxious and claustrophobic. Lightcare is a licensed serviceman of all types of DPS stretch ceilings. 

“We are extremely excited by this Lightcare partnership. Lightcare’s ideals are very similar to ours, they are extremely technical and pride themselves on their wealth of knowledge and technical capabilities within their field” – Kate Alexander, Director