Luxient Track Spot: Creating maximum flexibility

The Luxient Track Spot is your complete lighting solution

Designed and Made in Australia the Luxient Track Spot Range has been designed to maximise turnaround times and flexibility in all areas of output, dimming, optics and finish. No two projects are the same and thus we believe no two lighting solutions should be the same either. The design of the Luxient Track Spot Range ensures that every project can have the right solution for the space.

Perfect for applications that require focused light.

Size: 60mm

Variable Output: 8W / 788lm – 10W / 985 lm

3000K 95CRI
4000K 95CRI

Endless beam options

*Available 3rd quarter 2020

The perfect versatile option for any commercial application.

Size: 80mm

Variable Output: 10W / 670lm – 20W / 1600 lm

3000K 95CRI
4000K 95CRI
TW 2500K-7000K 90CRI*

Endless beam options

*Tuneable white available 3rd quarter 2020.


The Luxient Track Spot range is available with New Flexible Optics Lens Technology (FOT) enabling more accurate spot optics and maximum flexibility to change and replace optics at anytime with out the need for tools. It gives you the ability to mix and match primary optics with secondary lenses and anti glare accessories which offers a truly custom approach to achieving the right lighting solution each and every time.

Control Gear

All versions of the Luxient Track Spot range are available with Variable Output Technology (VOT). This provides maximum flexibility and offers the opportunity to optimise exact project requirements in regards to energy efficiency and overall power usage of the lighting solution provided.

LED Module

Exceptional LED module performance and outstanding life figures, the Luxient Track Spot is available as 3000K, 4000K or white tuneable 2500K-7000K.

Flexible optics for all project requirements

Achieving the right lighting solution each and every time means enabling more accurate spot optics and maximum flexibility. The ability change and replace optics at anytime, giving you the choice to mix and match.

Lighting control at your fingertips

The Luxient Track Spot Range gives you the option to take your lighting to the next level. Whether that be wireless control through Bluetooth or traditional switching, the Luxient Track Spot systems gives you the flexibility to design your own lighting solution to meet endless projects requirements both large and small.

Non Dimmable

Simple on/off switch operation without any dimming.

  • Non-dimming
  • On/Off switch operation

Dali Dimmable

Allows for control and dimming of single or multiple luminaires through a wired, programmable control system. This includes he ability to integrating switches, sensors and other equipment into the DALI environment.

  • On/off/dimming control for multiple luminaires using control panels/switches
  • Programmable dimming, scenes, and time clock
  • DALI is a Digital control system able to operate

Casambi Bluetooth

The most robust, cost effective and future-proof wireless lighting control solution. Wireless control of Casambi Bluetooth enabled or other dimmable luminaires through Smartphone or Tablet via Android or iOS App. Also possible to use wireless switches, sensors and an ability to create a wireless DALI network.

  • Wireless Bluetooth “mesh” network
  • Controllable via Android or iOS
  • Wireless switches available for remote operation

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