Training: Quality Control & Testing at ELS

Does your choice of specified light fitting give you this level of quality? If not, this is your complete guide to knowing and understanding what makes great quality in each and every light fitting.

Every month at Efficient Lighting Systems – Technical Engineers Paul Smart and Hanh Vuong run informational training sessions on various important topics that help us continue to improve our good business practices and standards.We decided to dedicate this months’ training session to quality control and how to differentiate and achieve maximum quality standards during our manufacturing process, start to finish. Technical Engineer Paul Smart started the session by talking about why quality is an important part our manufacturing process and why we have it. Supplying the product is simply not enough anymore, and we should aim to supply the right product, without defects not only the first time, but every time.

This month we are training all things quality

This month we are training all things quality

Quality can exist in different forms, therefore it is important to understand the different types of quality that exist. In general, there tends to be two important types. Firstly, perceived quality; which can be defined as the customers perception of the overall quality or superiority of a product or service with respect to its intended purpose, relative to all alternatives. Whereas actual quality is the ability for a product to fulfil its intended function over its intended life. Paul continued on to use examples such as BMW, Mercedes and Rolls Royce as brands and companies that host high perceived quality, however what and how much do we actually know about their manufacturing process? Here at Efficient Lighting Systems we aim to be transparent and open about where our lights come from and how they end up in your hands. We are serious about using Australian made components and parts, assembling right here at our Brunswick factory. Furthermore, our ultimate goal is to ensure that we represent actual quality not only in our process but in our products too. If the company that you are specifying your light fittings from does not showcase their quality through their end-to-end manufacturing process, it might be a good idea to consider an alternative that supports Australian employment and manufacturing.

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We take quality seriously

Paul then moved on to discuss what the ‘cost’ of ensuring superior quality is. Efficient Lighting Systems positions strict procedures in place that involve inspecting and testing every single fitting. That’s right! You read correctly. Our visual inspection is ongoing throughout the complete order and assembly process answering questions such as; “Is this the correct product according to the sales/work order?”, “Are there any visible defects such as paint, colour, blemish or chips?”, “Are the component parts selected correct and conforming to the work/sales order?”. On top of this we perform a vigorous testing process which involves testing earth continuity to ensure that any metal part of the luminaire is properly earthed as well as, testing insulation resistance ensuring the insulation between either active or neutral and earth is sufficient and proper. By doing this we can detect crimped, damaged and/or caught wires which could short to earth affecting the quality of the overall product you receive.

Your specified light fittings should always follow a controlled and quarantined pathway to your end project. If you have suffered issues such as visual defects and or faulty or incorrectly installed wires, it may be because said fittings were not taken care of during their manufacturing stages. It may be worth switching your specification to a company that respects and retains a firm quality control process. Efficient Lighting Systems has these processes in place to ensure that we provide superior quality fittings each and every time, and if by chance something is not 100% what we promised, we don’t hide it, we own it and fix it fully so it meets your full expectations. These are just some of the things we are proud of as an Australian Made and Owned company.

If it’s quality you’re concerned about, there really is no better first step than specifying Efficient Lighting Systems products.

Stay tuned for next month training session. A guest speaker visits to discuss surge protection.