Product Description

With an echo to classic designs of the past, but with an eye firmly on the future the Luxient 150 pendant offers perfect versatility and performance in any environment. Presenting in a sleek, modern cylindrical housing this luminaire is available in an array of finishes.

The specifically designed reflector system enables the Luxient 150 pendant to deliver exceptional luminaire efficacy while still providing superior glare control.

Product Details

Absolute luminous flux 2477lm – 3909lm
System watts 28W / 38W
Luminaire efficacy up to 104lm/W
Colour deviation 2 SDCM
Colour rendition Index >95
Correlated colour temperature 3000K / 4000K
Lumen maintenance L90B10 90,000hours
Dimming method Non dimm / Trailing Edge / DALI / Casambi
Optic Metalised reflector
Beam angle 55° / 85°
Housing Aluminium
Housing colour Black / White / Custom
Suspension Clear flex 1m
Country of origin Australia

Custom Luminaire Modifications

  • 2700K and 3500K colour temperature
  • White tuneable 2700K-6500K
  • Custom housing sizes
  • Remote gear

Codes & Downloads

Non Dimmable Trailing Edge Dimmable DALI Dimmable Casambi Dimmable Beam CCT Lumens Watts
LX150.500.55.93.61.P LX150.500.55.93.63.P LX150.500.55.93.66.P LX150.500.55.93.68.P 55° 3000K 2477 28
LX150.500.55.94.61.P LX150.500.55.94.63.P LX150.500.55.94.66.P LX150.500.55.94.68.P 55° 4000K 2681 28
LX150.500.85.93.61.P LX150.500.85.93.63.P LX150.500.85.93.66.P LX150.500.85.93.68.P 85° 3000K 2865 28
LX150.500.85.94.61.P LX150.500.85.94.63.P LX150.500.85.94.66.P LX150.500.85.93.68.P 85° 4000K 2922 28
Non Dimmable Trailing Edge Dimmable DALI Dimmable Casambi Dimmable Beam CCT Lumens Watts
LX150.700.55.93.61.P LX150.700.55.93.63.P LX150.700.55.93.66.P LX150.700.55.93.68.P 55° 3000K 3441 38
LX150.700.55.94.61.P LX150.700.55.94.63.P LX150.700.55.94.66.P LX150.700.55.94.68.P 55° 4000K 3626 38
LX150.700.85.93.61.P LX150.700.85.93.63.P LX150.700.85.93.66.P LX150.700.85.93.68.P 85° 3000K 3620 38
LX150.700.85.94.61.P LX150.700.85.94.63.P LX150.700.85.94.66.P LX150.700.85.93.68.P 85° 4000K 3909 38

For more details, download the LUXIENT 150 PENDANT Information Sheet

Download the IES file for the LUXIENT 150 PENDANT