Turn on the light, turn down the sound

The new Fuji Light Series

Fusing together exceptional lighting and sound absorption.

At ELS we believe that acoustic comfort and quality lighting are essential components of healthy spaces. Studies have shown that light and room acoustics have an undeniable impact on productivity, human interaction, and wellbeing. With this front of mind, we have developed in conjunction with Woven Image the FUJI LIGHT illuminated ceiling system – a unique range of illuminated acoustic ceiling hoods where light and sound work in harmony.

FUJI LIGHT combines form and function to enhance any interior space, while visually and acoustically creating a distraction-free, productive and comfortable environment.

A ceiling system like no other

The FUJI LIGHT illuminated ceiling system has been designed to offer optimal flexibility to a space. Based around a 3 circuit track system FUJI LIGHT can easily cover unsavory or open ceilings while still allowing access to essential services in either a direct fixed or suspended arrangement.

Installed singularly or as a group the FUJI LIGHT System is completely configurable to suit the acoustic, lighting and control requirements of each individual installation.

The FUJI LIGHT Hoods can be installed in a like group of the same size or mixed sizes to accommodate various system shapes. Each FUJI LIGHT Hood can be supplied with a different luminaire dependent on the exact lighting requirements. A group of FUJI LIGHT Hoods can accommodate both accent and general illumination requirements within in the one system installation.

Additional track spots and motion sensors can be added to the system to provide a layered approach to the lighting design when wall washing or additional accent lighting is required.

Our commitment to sustainable manufacturing

Environmentally conscious from concept through to manufacture and beyond our driving force is to design luminaires first and foremost for longevity. Looking to principles of circularity, we optimise all the resources at our disposal to reduce our consumption not only during design and manufacture but also at end of life. When considering the luminaire life cycle and how we tackle end of life, we ensure wherever possible that materials can be reused or recycled. Partnering with local Australian manufacturers of raw materials ensures our footprint is further reduced while supporting our local economy.

The FUJI LIGHT products are no different in their design and manufacture approach. The acoustic material is manufactured in Australia from 60% post consumer recycled PET and at end of life the material can be recycled into a third life product.

For more information download the Fuji Light Catalogue

Fuji Light Catalogue

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