Worlds Best Supermarket Crowned

On March 11 2024 the Independence Grocers Alliance (IGA) honored it’s best retailer from across the globe in an award ceremony in Las Vegas Nevada.

South Aussie Saints Foodland took the crown of worlds best IGA supermarket out of 6000 stores. It’s dedication to customers and their shopping habits along with their ongoing efforts towards energy efficiency and sustainability were driving factors for the stores big win.

Opening in 2019 Saints Foodland is described by locals not as just a supermarket but a “destination”. The store was designed around the needs, tastes and lifestyles of the customers in the local area, bringing foodie paradise to the Northern suburbs of Adelaide.

From the outset the store was designed with sustainability in mind. Utilising 550 solar panels to help power the site, thorough planning also went into the luminaire selection and design. The LED lighting throughout offers the latest in cutting edge technology, especially the isle lighting, which features Efficient Lighting Systems’ continuous Loop 80 linear profile. This was specifically chosen by our South Australian lighting partner HI Lighting for its full round circular diffuser, which offers unparalleled uniformity and verticals on the aisle shelves. This creates a bright and enticing environment and helps creates a high-end shopping experience for the many customers who now use this store.

The expansive lengths of Loop80 were separately switched to allow for optimal energy efficiency during non customer operating hours. This allowed for cleaning and replenishing of shelves in the most energy conscious manner.

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Well lit supermarket aisles
Saints Foodland supermarket front