New Apartment, Aged Care & Retirement Living Catalogue

Efficient Lighting Systems are proud to release their Apartment, Aged Care and Retirement Living Catalogue. The catalogue features many of the existing product and a few new products specifically chosen to suit Apartment, Aged Care and Retirement Living applications.

The large selection of products are suited to many areas such as interior and exterior, bedrooms, bathrooms (with numerous IPX4 rated products), reading areas, dining areas, circulation spaces, corridors and feature lighting. To help explain the many uses of the products the catalogue also contains suggested lighting layouts for aged care applications.

Some of the exciting new product listed in the catalogue include the ADL66 XIM nightlight luminaire that offers a ceiling nightlight alternative to the LBX recessed wall guide light. The ADL66 XIM nightlight is particularly useful in entryways where only minimal lighting is required at all times. Other new products include the ADL66 XIM surface mounted downlights and pendant mounted luminaries that offer small profile housings perfect for applications where ceiling penetration is not possible and a discreet luminaire is required.

Other noteworthy additions to the range are the added features of IPX4 ratings for both the SML330 LED ceiling mounted luminaire and SL30 linear LED luminaire that are both perfect for bathroom applications.

To download a copy of this catalogue visit the downloads page.