UQ Long Pocket Accommodation

Project Details

Job: University of Queensland Long Pocket Accommodation

Completion: 2020

Distributor: Raylinc Agencies

Photographer: Mitchell Guy Kemp

Fittings supplied: Ligman Powermission

The Long Pocket precinct is located approximately 2 kilometres via the riverside walk from the University of Queensland’s main campus.

The vision for the UQ Long Pocket Accommodation campus was to retain the campuses unique environment and provide a high-quality positive campus experience, accommodating the aspirations for learning, discovery and engagement in a sustainable way. While achieving this vision it was important to adhere to the environmental principles of the land.

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Lighting and reassurance

Functionally, the most obvious and only certain effect better lighting can have in heavy vegetated areas such as the UQ Long Pocket Accomodation trail is to change how well people can see during night time activity: Increasing the speed of visual processing, improving the discrimination of detail, making colour judgements more accurate therefore increasing the distance at which we can see anything suspicious.

The subjective impression of ‘more light’ is associated with safety. A research study surveyed eight locations around a university campus (seven outdoor places and one underground car park) and these were evaluated after dark through ratings concerning reassurance (e.g. I would walk along this place unaccompanied). The brighter locations were of course associated with higher levels of reassurance. This remains an important aspect when universities consider dividing campuses and therefore any structural changes must allow for suitable luminance to accompany foot traffic.

Reassurance decreases (or fear increases) after dark because there are fewer people around, contributing to feelings of isolation from help if needed, and because visibility can be reduced, students and those commuting from one building to another may feel insecure or less likely to travel after daylight. This restricts student foot traffic at specific times during the day which is undesirable as there is always fluctuations in study patterns between students studying in different disciplines.

If good lighting can increase reassurance, this in turn may lead to an increase in walking for those in and around the campus. For this reason it was incredibly important to select luminaires that would provide the adequate amount of lighting needed throughout the high foliage area surrounding the UQ Long Pocket Accommodation.

The right lighting tool for highly vegetated areas: UQ Long Pocket Accommodation

Road access would remain unchanged, while entrances would be rationalised with the main pedestrian-only entrance centrally located at the bus stop on Meiers Road. The precinct stretches a walkway structure that links the outer rim of the academic core to the central campus via a series of radial streets across a 10-minute walk circle. The walkways are powerfully illuminated by the Ligman Powermission which provide ample lighting and a sense of security for all evening walkers. The highly vegetated area required innovative, high-performing, sustainable, flexible and future proof street lighting, therefore the Ligman Powermission proved an excellent choice for this project.

The landscape of the Long Pocket precinct provides a unique environment that contributes to the ‘sense of place’ governed by the main and surrounding campuses. 

Luminaires used

Ligman Exterior

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